Visual Identity & Website Design

“We’re having a bloodletting this weekend,” joked Bill Bell. Three young entrepreneurs — average age 83 — would head to their basement lab to draw their own blood. They were testing the latest iteration of their patent-pending invention, a device that extracts serum from blood 15 times faster than a centrifuge. In an ER, this can mean life or death. Coco, Bill, and Herman have proven that the invention works, but they’d rather not develop a product. Instead, they’d like to sell their startup, SerumDPT, to the highest bidder. Our job? Design a visual identity that makes SerumDPT look every bit as desirable as their invention.

Identity & Digital Design

Logo, Cards, Email Signature

The logo hints at the separation of serum (yellow) from blood (red), but doesn’t stray far from the feel of standard biotech (blue). Italics suggest movement, a nod to the invention’s remarkable speed. Some may notice an invisible ‘S’ wrapping around the droplets. Others may see the shape of a pill.


Most of SerumDPT’s juicy data is confidential, so there’s a deliberate shortage of content for the website. Rather than spread it over multiple pages that would be awkwardly short, we developed a single page site. Visitors simply scroll through, or use a fixed navigation menu to jump to different sections.

The Pitch

SerumDPT has an impressive set of data and market research to present to potential buyers. When they asked for help with their PowerPoint, the design challenge was to transform a diverse collection of materials (text, photos, charts, graphs, diagrams) into a presentation that would be clear, persuasive, and consistent with their visual identity.

The Backstory

Coco’s wife saw a great story emerging from the collaboration between the 3 octogenarians. So she commissioned this short documentary. We didn’t make it (credit for that goes to Vanish Films), but thought you might enjoy.

I’ve been through a number of other projects of this nature, and I’ve never had it go so smoothly and so quickly.

Dr. Stan Rose,
Chief Business Officer

Great logo!! I love it.

Jean "Coco" Montagu, CEO