The Petra Foundation

Visual Identity & Print Design

Rather than focusing on a single issue, The Petra Foundation focuses a single type of person: unsung heroes fighting for social justice in their communities. Four such people are inducted each year as permanent Petra Fellows. Beyond financial support, the award validates years of toil done at great personal sacrifice. It has been a privilege to design the foundation’s materials and help bring its amazing fellows into the spotlight.

Printed Materials

100 Heroes, 25 Years

We wanted to do something special to mark Petra’s 25th awards ceremony, where they would also be inducting their 100th fellow and gathering with dozens of past fellows to celebrate. For the design of the invitation and dinner program we went with a concept that couldn’t be simpler: “100 heroes, 25 years” — paired with an illustration of 100 butterflies to represent the 100 Petra Fellows. Why butterflies? Just like Petra fellows, the Monarch butterflies travel thousands of miles for an annual gathering (in Michaocan, Mexico). And like butterflies, many of the Petra Fellows have gone through a remarkable metamorphosis as they’ve grown into empowered individuals fighting for social justice. The metaphor turned out to be so apt that it was adopted by the evening’s keynote speaker.

25th Anniversary Book

We designed a 124-page 25th anniversary book featuring the 100 Petra Fellows and photos from the foundation over the years. It was printed in an edition of 300 as a special gift for attendees and loyal supporters.

Have Dinner With Heroes

Who wouldn’t want to?! That was the premise of the 2011 Petra Awards ceremony invitations.

Visual Identity

For the foundation’s visual identity we included a thin red strip that runs along the edge of its materials. We were surprised by how effectively it made everything look “Petra” and by how it visually tied things together.

As a lifelong copywriter with strong visual opinions but no design ability, Roundhex turned out to be the perfect partner. They listened hard and then came up with graphic solutions that amplified the meaning of the words. They were a joy to work with.

Meg Fidler, Executive Director