Bo Burlingham

Website & Print Design

Working for business writer Bo Burlingham has been a big deal for Roundhex. Not because he’s a lovely guy and a great client (he is!) but because promoting his books has meant that we’ve read his books — and they’ve had a profound influence on us. Thank you, Bo, for showing us the way to a business that’s not about money but an expression of our core values and identity.

Website Design & Email Signature


Bo writes about business in a way that makes it easy to forget that you’re reading about business. At heart, he’s a story teller. So, with each of Bo’s last three books, we’ve animated their cover graphics to catch people’s attention and let readers know: Bo Burlingham is a different kind of business writer.

Content Design

One of the secrets to good web design is that it’s not enough to design the frame around your content. One needs to design the content as well. Most sites don’t do this, and they suffer from monotonous pages that don’t engage the reader.

Custom Email Signature

Most people use email signatures to let recipients know their job title and contact info. That’s a missed opportunity to communicate something more important. In Bo’s case, we wanted his email signature to let people know about some of his books, with links to more information.

Print Work

Promotional Stickers for Book Launch

When time allows, it’s fun to go above and beyond what we promised. Case in point, these stickers were a surprise gift we presented to Bo at his book launch event, and they went over even better than we had hoped. Bo placed one sticker on the inside cover of each book he signed — an unexpected bonus for his loving fans.

PowerPoint Slideshow

Finish Big is now a talk that Bo has taken on the road, and he wanted a slideshow to help bring his stories to life. Instead of replicating the talk in bullet points, the slides are images that aim to deepen the meaning or add a touch of humor.

Visual Aid Handouts

A double-sided handout detailing the key points of the Finish Big talk. A review of the book and a link to his site were also included to encourage attendees to dig deeper — and to purchase the book!

This website is simply gorgeous! I am completely crazy about it. Top marks, team: this is A-plus work.

Jill Kneerim,
Literary Agent for Bo Burlingham