Alban Gerhardt

Visual Identity & Website Design

German cellist Alban Gerhardt has been our client for 15 years, and the website we first built for him was one of our very first. Alban is one of the great living cellists, but also a true artist: he has a powerful musical vision and the courage to let loose and go for it. It has been a joy to see him flourish, and a privilege to support him along the way.

Identity Design

What’s in a Name?

Creating a logo that captured Alban Gerhardt’s sophisticated and courageous playing was not a job for ready-made fonts. We knew it had to be handmade. So we reached for our pens, brushes, and ink in pursuit of something that would convey a sense of movement, freedom and artistry.

Looking for Authenticity

Alban has done many photo shoots over the years. It was our job to sift through. Many photos were fun or eye-catching, but they seemed to work against Alban’s authenticity as an artist. Scroll through the photos at left. Can you guess which ones we rejected?

Color Palette and Typography

To let the photography shine, we opted for a muted color palette: mostly grayscale, with few splashes of pale gold here and there to liven things up.

The font is Alegreya Sans by Juan Pablo del Peral. In his words, it has “a calligraphic feeling that conveys a dynamic and varied rhythm.” Dynamic? Rhythm? Sounds like music!

Website Design

Letting the Photography Speak

Usually, a website is designed first and photos are dropped in later. In this case, it was the other way around. One particular photo of Alban was so evocative that it became the basis for the site’s entire design. Alban is lucky to have a photographic memory for music, and here it almost seemed as if he was gazing out the window seeing an orchestral score floating in the sky.

That’s Google Calendar?

Alban uses Google Calendar to keep track of his performance schedule. Rather than requiring him to log in to WordPress to add a new performance to the site, we customized a calendar plugin that pulls event details directly from his Google Calendar. Dates are displayed in an easy-to-browse format that matches the rest of the site, with one-click access to event maps and ticket details.

Hand-Picked Review Snippets

Ten years ago, every positive review ever written about Alban Gerhardt could be found on his website. There were so many that we had to organize them on separate pages grouped by country. Although reviews seem to like Alban, the feeling isn’t mutual. The connection between performer and audience is all that matters, so we dropped the whole section. Instead, we pulled out a few quotes that resonated with us and sprinkled them here and there.

Alexej Steinhardt and his Roundhex team are not only true artists with a deep understanding of who I am and how to present me; they are also tech nerds who were able to realize a creative vision with the most up-to-date technology. I hired them 15 years ago and look forward to many years more.

Alban Gerhardt